Bright Dip Anodizing

Bright dip anodizing is an electro-chemical process utilized to improve both the aesthetic and functional properties of aluminum components. Though these processes work with other metals as well, aluminum responds the best to this particular treatment and as such is the most common. Hardening and shining the product, bright dip anodizing of aluminum is popular in industries where the products are to be both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

A wide variety of products can be subject to bright dip anodizing, including products such as camera and mp3 player cases, food and beverage containment, cookware, architectural accent pieces, sports equipment, framing and automotive construction as well as more industrial components such as manufacturing and plant equipment. The popularity of this process as opposed to alternatives such as electro-polishing and coating can be attributed to the unique benefits afforded by the bright dip process. Though the results vary, bright dipped aluminum has a glossy, high luster appearance and may even result in a reflective, mirror-like finish. This gloss is achieved through bright dipping without leaving deposits on the surface of the part as do many other finishing processes. Depending on the grade of the aluminum, the process is also very fast, taking as little as 30 seconds to complete. The most suitable aluminum alloys for bright dipping are 5357, 5457, 6063, 7016 and 7016.

Bright dipping and anodizing are actually completed in two separate steps with bright dipping pertaining to the aesthetic of the metal and anodizing improving hardness and resistance to corrosion and wear. Bright dipping occurs first as a pretreatment to the anodizing process. A relatively simple concept, the aluminum component is dipped into a double walled, stainless steel tank filled with the brightening solution and heated to above 200 deg F. The solution is a chemical bath that smooths the surface on a microscopic level, resulting in the desired sheen. Though mixes will vary, the basic composition involves phosphoric/nitric acid. Acetic and sulfuric acid are common additives. Due to the use of harsh chemicals and high heat, the bright dipping component of this total process requires careful calculation and is regulated by worker safety and environmental laws. The bath should be carefully racked and agitated in a rocking motion to avoid spotting due to gaseous bubbles on the surface of the part. Other considerations include proper ventilation and a warm rinse tank. Once the desired shine is achieved, the part must be washed several times prior to anodizing. There are two main ways that metal is anodized: bath anodizing and anodic painting. The more common of the two is bath anodizing, which involves fully immersing the metal in a tub of the anodizing acid. Once the metal is submerged, a power supply is turned on that introduces an electrical current to the bath. The resulting reaction changes the surface of the metal into a thin film of metal oxide. The total results are increased corrosion and wear resistance as well as cosmetic enhancement.

Fort Wayne Anodizing

Clear and Color Anodized Aluminum ComponentsBright Dip Anodizing – Fort Wayne Anodizing

Bright Dip Anodized Aluminum PartsBright Dip Anodizing – Fort Wayne Anodizing

Fort Wayne Anodizing has a mission to not simply manufacture products but to create solutions that will last for many years to come. This company is an industrial leader of aluminum anodizing as well as a variety of other top of the line services. All of their processes comply with ISO 9001:2008 standards which means the quality of their products is guaranteed. For over 50 years Fort Wayne Anodizing has taken a simple approach: “Satisfy Every Customer.” This successful company utilizes cutting edge technology which results in highly precise and reliable solutions. Fort Wayne Anodizing continues to expand their range of services to meet the growing demands of each customer. Each situation is unique and Fort Wayne Anodizing is a premier service provider with affordable options. This company takes extra steps to research and develop a strategic plan to provide their customers with the best innovations.

Fort Wayne Anodizing offers convenient aluminum anodizing that improves the durability and corrosion resistance of aluminum and aluminum alloys. The increased surface hardness gives the aluminum proficient shielding to scratches. This anodizing also equips the aluminum to be non-conductive up to 1000 V¹ and Fort Wayne Anodizing offers a wide selection of color options. This company also provides: burnishing, polishing, hardcoat anodizing, chromate conversion, impregnation, de-oxidizing, etching and more. These services not only improve the quality and look of their customers’ products but these solutions had been proven to last.

Since 1953 this company has served a number of industries including: aerospace, automotive, culinary, electronics, marine, medical, military, hydraulics and pneumatics. Fort Wayne Anodizing is committed to creating outstanding aluminum anodizing and this company is a recipient of the Indiana Governors Award of Environmental Excellence. All in-house services adhere to an extensive quality control program to ensure the high quality of each item. More information regarding Fort Wayne Anodizing can be found on their website.