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Aluminum anodizing is a process which enhances the quality of a metal component with a number of features. Aluminum anodizing allows for coloring and improved adhesion of the metal. This process also increases the corrosion resistance. This metal is resilient to wearing and scarring from installation or utilization. The color stability is ideal in situations involving prolonged exposure to the sun. The exterior anodic coating does not easily fade to ultraviolet rays, nor does the color chip or peel. Re-coloring of anodized aluminum is easily repeatable.

There are several different types of aluminum anodizing that each have their own distinct advantages. Chromic anodizing, which utilizes a chromic acid and provides the thinnest coats, typically measures between .05 to .1 mils thick. This style is less corrosive than other methods, and it is more ductile. Sulfuric anodizing also yields anodized aluminum under 1 mil thick, but this style is more durable than chromic anodizing. Sulfuric is the most common anodizing process and is able to retain lubricants as well as PTFE coatings. When an electrolytic solution is combined with sulfuric acid it is known as hard anodizing. Hard anodizing has a much higher wear resistance compared to sulfuric or chromic anodizing. Hard anodized aluminum is generally thirty percent harder than stainless steel and offers an extremely long lifespan.

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